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Natasha D'Schommer

Natasha is a photographer and McKnight Award recipient whose eye-catching images feature glimpses into the past through antique books, manuscripts, and collections objects. Her photography is a catalyst, bringing the beauty of rare books from private collections back into galleries and homes. Natasha is the author of three books from Princeton University, The Schubert Club, and is a Minnesota book award finalist for her book Tulips, Chocolate and Silk - from the University of Minnesota. Her 2008 publication Biblio features over 120 photographs of unique books from around the world, including Beethoven's sketchbooks and the Gutenberg Bible. Here at Zachary, we offer a selection of her photographs on aluminum and paper and all three of her books. Natasha also does custom work for commercial and interior design projects.

Natasha D'Schommer (65)

Italian Binding, Natasha D'Schommer, Photograph on Aluminum

Shadow Birds, Natasha D'Schommer, Photograph on Aluminum

Natural Beauty, Natasha D'Schommer, Photograph on Aluminum