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Special Guest: Dan Raphael

We've transformed the Zachary annex showroom space into a rotating art gallery to spotlight local artists all year long, and we're so thrilled to be collaborating with Dan as our very first featured artist. We're featuring more than a dozen of Dan Raphael's original oils. Stunning textures, bold forms, and vivid colors absolutely make this space pop. Stop by to soak up the creative energy and find the perfect piece to feature in your project.

Marianne Barratt

Marianne Barratt is a Stillwater, Minnesota artist who creates work that highlights the beauty of nature in everyday life through multimedia like oil paint, gouache, water soluble crayon, colored pencil, and graphite. Her art is inspired by the natural world near and far, whether it be a vase of flowers in her home or a beautiful landscape on a faraway trip. Marianne's art is both classic and evocative; she recreates the whimsical inspiration she finds in nature through expressive brushstrokes, vivid color, and light. When looking for inspiration in nature she says "I'm trying to find magic." We offer a selection of Marianne’s original paintings in the showroom, and she is open to accepting a limited number of commissions for special projects.

Summer Song, Marianne Barratt, Oil on Panel, Framed

Return to Meadow, Marianne Barratt, Oil on Cradled Panel, Framed

Morning Light, Marianne Barratt, Oil on Panel, Framed

I'll Be Back, Marianne Barratt, Oil on Cradled Panel, Framed

The Edge of Snow and Ice, Marianne Barratt, Oil on Panel, Framed

Natasha D'Schommer

Natasha is a photographer and McKnight Award recipient whose eye-catching images feature glimpses into the past through antique books, manuscripts, and collections objects. Her photography is a catalyst, bringing the beauty of rare books from private collections back into galleries and homes. Natasha is the author of three books from Princeton University, The Schubert Club, and is a Minnesota book award finalist for her book Tulips, Chocolate and Silk - from the University of Minnesota. Her 2008 publication Biblio features over 120 photographs of unique books from around the world, including Beethoven's sketchbooks and the Gutenberg Bible. Here at Zachary, we offer a selection of her photographs on aluminum and paper and all three of her books. Natasha also does custom work for commercial and interior design projects.

Janella Fesenmaier

Janella is a local multimedia artist and gallery director that has been involved in the arts her whole life; she expresses her creativity through painting, photography, and collage. "When I was eight years old I wrote that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up," she said. Here at Zachary, we feature her Feathers series, a collection of acrylic paintings of over thirty-five different feathers printed on premium paper with deckled edges. Janella's unique style of nature illustration offers a unique pop of vivid color and natural texture.

Erik Wyckoff

Erik Wyckoff is a local woodcarver who specializes in creating custom carved pieces like family crests, wine cellar doors, vanities, and classic mantels. He has been honing his craft for a quarter of a century out of his backyard wood shop and is skilled in a range of styles from rustic to contemporary. Here at Zachary we love having Erik’s plaques and mirror frames on the showroom floor – they add a timeless touch to any room. Ask us how we can put you in touch with Erik if you have an idea for a custom commission!